Self Determination Program: This is a program design to provide opportunity to have more control in developing plans, for persons with Regional Center services. This program can be a game changer for people with intellectual disabilities, and for their families. 

How Self Determination Makes A Difference

The Self Determination Program (SDP) offers its members the “Freedom to exercise the same rights as citizens; to establish, with freely chosen supports, family and friends, where they want to live, with whom they want to live, how their time will be occupied, and who supports them.” (Source.) 

Participants receive an individual budget. This budget may vary based on the prior 12 months of all of their regional center’s expenditures.  The Regional Centers will takes into account any unmet needs or changes in circumstance. This could allow for the person to receive an increase in the SDP budget. We will discuss the concept of unmet needs and changes in circumstance in future posts.

Members of this program will be able to control their own budgets and are able to obtain services and supports of their choosing. Ultimately, this gives them the flexibility in how they participate in their community. Making their choices in activities, education and employment. This helps in the development of a person centered plan.

Persons wishing to be part of this program, will contact their Regional Center Service Coordinator. The Service Coordinator will help the participant take part in an Orientation meeting about SDP.

This program can have a tremendous impact on the lives of the participants. Participants can now go from having decisions made for them, to actively making their own decisions. Allowing for more of a voice in their life.

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