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Listing yourself as a disability service Caregiver with Jenny’s Helpers lets you serve your community, as your own boss.


You’ll have the autonomy to manage your own time and pay.


Jenny’s Helpers lets you reach the people you want to work with directly.


The individuals you want to work with will be able to find you quickly and easily.

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Already a caregiver for a Regional Center client?

Listing yourself with Jenny's Helpers will help you reach new clients in your area to increase your work hours.

New to caregiving?

Signing up with Jenny's Helpers would be the first step in finding clients to work with. Once you have connected with a Regional Center client, you will be put in touch with their Financial Management Service (FMS).

The FMS will walk you through the application process, provide forms, and direct you to locations in your area where you can complete a one-time Live scan fingerprinting (caregiver's expense) for the FMS. When clearance is completed, you will be paid directly through the FMS, who will work with you on issues like:

  • Timecards
  • Taxes
  • HR Discussions

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